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In our shop, you can buy bikes starting from €85 including a free chain lock and FREE DELIVERY. You can also lease a bike from €10 a month. All of the benefits include:


I want to buy a bike
You have a bike from €85,-
Including free chain lock
Refurbished bikes
Low maintenance costs


I want to lease a bike
A low monthly rate
Lease can be cancelled monthly
Refurbished bikes
We take care of maintenance
Always fast service

How it works


You order a bike at Very simple

Home delivery

Your bike is delivered at home with a free chainlock and locked to something


The keys go into the envelope and are thrown into your mailbox


We also send you an email when the bike is delivered at its location

Green seat

You can recognize the bike at the green seat cover with logo


Has your bike been stolen, or do you just want another one? You could choose to buy a new bike. However, not only are they usually quite expensive, a new bike also has a higher chance of being stolen. was founded exactly for this reason. We sell good, reliable bikes for a fair price; the cheapest in The Netherlands so to speak!

Recycling is important to us and all our bikes are therefore second-hand.

Every day, municipalities remove thousands of bikes in their cities, ranging from bikes in perfect condition to those what we call bike wrecks. buys these bikes and gives them a new life!

Our customers give us a rating of

Superblij met mijn nieuwe omafiets. Op donderdag besteld en op vrijdag stond hij al voor deur met de sleutel in de brievenbus. Toppie!
Rachel Onink

Gebruik mijn fiets elke dag om naar school te gaan. Werkt prima en ik ben niet bang dat hij gestolen wordt op het station.
Benjamin Kuijs

We sell i.a.:

Looking for a second-hand bike?

Free delivery within 1-2 business days!


Are you looking to buy a cheap bike? So you should. That is why we founded We repair, reuse and recycle second-hand bikes, which means you can get a good bike cheaply. This way, you can enjoy cheap transport, but you also contribute to a more sustainable future. Let’s not forget, reusing is better than buying new.

In our shop, you will find cheap bikes for €100, but also for €85. It all depends on what you are looking for. Moreover, buying a cheap bike from is very simple. Read how to do so below.

How can you buy a cheap bike from us?

Are you annoyed that you always have to be home to be able to receive a home delivery?So are we. That is why we always deliver your bike, even if you are not home. You get a free chain lock with your purchase.

Upon delivery, we lock the bike in front of your house in a convenient place with the chain lock.For instance to a bike rack or post. We drop the keys in an envelope in your letterbox. You receive a confirmation email once the bike has been delivered.

The delivery is entirely free of charge.

You can pay easily with iDeal, PayPal, credit card or direct transfer. You can trace your order via a link sent by us, so you know exactly when it will be delivered.

A sustainable solution

Cycling is good for the environment, because it is CO2 neutral. This means that you are not emitting harmful gases (like cars do) while biking, and therefore are not harming the environment.

In fact, our Cheapassbikes concept takes sustainability one step further. Since our cheap second-hand bikes are not destroyed, but reused instead, it is also waste neutral. No more old and broken bikes lingering on the
street and less bikes are landfilled. Repairing, reusing and recycling.

Naturally, we come across cheap bikes that really can’t be saved. These bikes are offered to a recycler, who can then recycle them completely. This way, the process has become circular, and thus 100% sustainable.

Do you want to know more about cheap bikes?

Even though they are cheap, we are extremely proud of our Cheapassbikes. We refurbish our bikes such that you can enjoy using them. In our shop, you can also get useful bike accessories such as chain locks, frame locks, bike bags, front carriers and more.

That way you can always hit the road easily and efficiently. After all, that is what your “new” cheap bike is meant for! Buying cheap bikes online was
never this easy.

Are you looking for more information, or do you have any questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website and you will most likely find your answer there! If not, you can always contact our customer service directly. We are happy to help!

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