How does it work?

The steps to buying a cheap bike

So it seems you have chosen to buy a cheap bike online, excellent choice! “Buying a bike online” is very easy at When ordering a cheap bike from, we will come and deliver it to your house.

Buying a bike online has never been this easy! Start by browsing our website to find the right second-hand bike for you. Use the filter to make a selection of the broad range of bikes we offer, and make your choice easier. If you have any problems navigating through our website, you can always contact our service desk.

After you have ordered your bike, you will immediately receive an order confirmation. We will get started with your bike straight away! In case you also ordered accessories, we will also mount them to your bike. Your bike is ready for delivery!

At you can have your bike delivered anywhere within 1-2 business days: at home, at work, at your piano teacher or your second girlfriend, no problem! Fill out the form carefully and we will also adjust your saddle to the right height. What a treat!

Once we have loaded up the bike, you receive a track link in your email so you can precisely track the location of your bike and check the time of delivery. You don’t even have to be home for this. We will lock the bike with a free chain lock outside your house in a bike rack or to a post. We then deliver the keys in an envelope with your details on it in your letterbox. Afterwards, you immediately receive a message that your bike has been delivered. Could not be more convenient!