Second-hand Bikes

You will find the best second-hand bikes at Let’s not forget: the best second-hand bike is a cheap bike, but then fully refurbished of course. At we believe in a healthy combination of sustainability and practicality. You can therefore buy a cheap second-hand bike very easily at And best of all: we will deliver the bikes to your house FOR FREE, even when you are not home!

You order, we deliver

If you order your “new” second-hand bike today, it will be delivered to your house, shed or garden within 1-2 business days. Wherever you please. The nice thing though is that we also deliver your bike when you are not at home. We do so by locking it with a free chain lock that comes with the delivery. For instance, we lock your bike in a bike rack or to a post near your front door. We deliver the keys in an envelope in your letterbox and you will instantly receive a delivery confirmation via email.

Cheap online second-hand bikes is basically the platform for online second-hand bike sales. We repair, reuse and recycle bikes. Here, you can find second-hand bikes in any shape or size. Whether you are looking for a typical Dutch “omafiets”, mountain bike, race bike or something entirely different, you will find whatever you need in terms of online second-hand bikes. All categories under one roof makes it very convenient. Besides, you will significantly save money in comparison to other second-hand bike suppliers. Are you browsing the web for a cheap second-hand bike? Then, you will surely find that one of our cheap ass bikes is perfect for you. Use the filter feature to categorise by price, bike type and type of brakes. This way your search operation will be even more efficient.

Questions about our second-hand bikes

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will most likely contain an answer to your question. It is definitely worth it to consult the FAQs when you require more information about our second-hand bike. Of course, it is possible that your question is not answered in the FAQs. If you have any additional questions, remarks or suggestions, please let us know! You can send an email to Consult our customer service page for more information.