Second-hand bikes Amsterdam

Looking for a second-hand bike in Amsterdam including FREE DELIVERY? Great news: you have come to the right place to find your cheap bike in Amsterdam! Our cheap-ass bikes are the best and cheapest second-hand bikes in Amsterdam. 100% refurbished and including a FREE chain lock.

Buy your second-hand bike in Amsterdam

We are the cheapest in the market for second-hand bikes. All our bikes have been refurbished. This means we run a complete check on each bike and replace components when necessary. This way, you get a good bike at a fair price. And best of all: we deliver it right to your doorstep!

Sustainable bike

Best of all, is that by buying a second-hand bike, you are contributing to the circular economy. Every second-hand, refurbished bike that is bought, saves one from being landfilled, and consequently saves one bike from being newly manufactured. At the end of the day, it saves you money, and is therefore a good deal with regard to sustainability. Repairing, reusing and recycling. That is what we stand for.

Because what would you rather see? More broken bikes on the streets? Or more recycled, refurbished and cheap bikes that are given a second life, eagerly waiting to be delivered right to your doorstep?

We will always choose the latter. You too?

Cheap second-hand bikes in Amsterdam

Since we refurbish and deliver all bikes ourselves, we are able to trade our second-hand bikes in Amsterdam at an extraordinarily competitive price. And this cuts costs significantly. Once you place an order for a second-hand bike in Amsterdam with us, it will be delivered within 1 to 2 business days, to anywhere you wish.

In fact, we also deliver your bike when you are not home. This is great, because then you don’t have to stay home and constantly peek out of the window to check whether our delivery service is there yet. With your order, you get a free chain lock. With this chain lock, we lock your bike close to your doorstep. We put the keys in a Cheapassbikes envelope in your letterbox. You also receive a confirmation email once your bike has been delivered. Easy!

Cheap bikes Amsterdam

At, we have a huge inventory of second-hand bikes. Whether you are looking for a race bike, mountain bike, a traditional Dutch ‘omafiets’ or men’s bike, you will find it here. By applying the filter for your search results in the menu, you target the specific bike you want. This way, you can easily find your cheap second-hand bike in Amsterdam!